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Leanne Michelle
Dec 30, 2021
In Share Your Memory
That was a little inside joke. I lived next to Mike for the past year and we teased because we liked each other and no one else 😂. Mike wasn’t just my neighbor though, he had been dating my mom for two and a half years and he had become family. He was exactly what everyone says, a kind man with a big heart who loved hard and loved everyone else before himself. He loved his boys and his family more than anything. And he made my mom and my family feel like a part of his. I could go on with stories, we shared so many laughs, and had quite a few of those deep and difficult talks too. This is a major and tragic loss that will change every one of us who had the pleasure to call him a loved one. He will live on in our hearts. Love and miss you Big Mike 😉
My neighbor said hi again, I have to move content media