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Bob Yoder
Jan 03, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Oh's taking me awhile to write...and still don't think I can capture what you meant to me and what I want to convey. As kids you were more like a brother to me...only 5 1/2 years separated us in age. I was small for my age and you were it made for some GREAT WWF matches in my bedroom or yours...not sure who ended up with the WWF Championship belt we made. I went off to college and admired the young dude (& eventual man) you were becoming...I was glad for our chats when I came home. Once upon a time in my early 20's when I worked at Laurelville I took you to Pittsburgh for a Pirates game (I think) car had some troubles driving through downtown on the way back to my place; we reminisced about that night for years after. Having now lived in Indiana for the past 23+ years our times together grew less frequent...though my son (who is a couple years younger than your boys) still remembers being in your home and playing with Evan and Nathan. I'm so grateful you stood beside me as my Best Man at my wedding. I have more stories and memories swirling in my head, and am quite sad that new stories with you will not have the chance to be written. I love you and am grateful you were in my life, my dear nephew. Uncle Bobby
Mike as my Best Man (Kyley as Flower Girl) content media