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Jan 04, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Mike I love you so much!! You are always so kind and generous. You love so deeply. Just like everyone else has already said. I have the pleasure of being your aunt. I was only 11 when you were born. You were a doll baby. You had the blondest curly hair and the bluest eyes. I kind of lost touch with you for a while when you moved to Pittsburgh but after your dad died, I made more of an effort to stay in touch and I'm so glad I did, even though I'm sure at times I was just your pesky aunt "Betzy"! Lol. We had some really good talks. When you found out I was coming to visit, it didn't take long for you to get a list of foods and ask what I would like. You were so welcoming. You made a killer grilled salmon! You always talked about your boys and I did not have to guess how proud you were of them! After your dad died, you told me "I've gotta start working out to keep my heart strong so I'm here for my boys for a long time". You did not want them to feel the pain you felt when you lost your dad so young. I know you gave it 100%. But none of us know when our time here is up. I still can not believe you took the final journey before me. There is such an ache in my heart! You told me your grandpa said to you one day when talking about God and the doubts we have sometimes about Him, that "you just gotta believe". You said that made such a great impression on you. Like it's a decision. A done deal. Like the struggle of knowing was over. I will forever love the treasure you are! And if anyone thinks bald isn't sexy, they never met you. Lol! Rachel Brenneman (Aunt Betzy)
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