He Will Forever Be Missed

Mike Yoder



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Remembering Mike

This site was created in memory of Mike Yoder - loving father, brother, son, and uncle.


Memories and Testimonies

Mike's family and friends are devastated. Losing such an important person in their lives has created a heartbreak unlike any other. However, sharing memories, laughs, and testimonies of who Mike was has helped the family in such a difficult time. If you have a memory of Mike that you would like to share with them and/or at the Celebration of Life, please click the button below. It is greatly appreciated. 

Celebration of Life | January 15, 2022

Mike's family will be holding a "Celebration of Life" service on Saturday, January 

15th (Mike's Birthday) at 11AM at Grace Collective Church in Irwin, PA. After the service, the family would like to invite everyone to a luncheon at Shafton Fire Hall. If you are unable to attend the service in person, it will be live streamed on Youtube and on this website. Even if you are joining us online, you will have the opportunity to speak about Mike or share a memory on this day. Please click the button below to complete the RSVP form. 

His Life